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Pac Vs. Floyd? Don't Believe The Hype

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 22 Nov 2014

Pac-Floyd? Don't believe the hype

By Dan Rafael | ESPN.com

It's Manny Pacquiao fight week and that can mean only one thing -- Top Rank promoter Bob Arum wants to sell as many pay-per-views as possible. And since Pacquiao is in a weak matchup with Chris Algieri on Saturday night (HBO PPV, 9 p.m. ET) in Macau, China, he has work to do. So Arum went back to the tried and true playbook -- he talked about a possible Pacquiao fight with Floyd Mayweather Jr., the one fight people actually do want to see very much, and have wanted to for years, to help drum up interest. We've been down this rabbit hole too many times and drank too much Kool-Aid to believe it until we see it. But that hasn't stopped Arum from laying it on thick as though the fight is going to be next in order to raise hopes that it will happen, not to mention reminding folks to plunk down 70 bones to buy Saturday's fight.

So let's hear from Mr. Arum, whom I spoke to on Tuesday from Macau. I asked him why anyone should believe him this time that it's real, since he's been a boy who cried wolf for years?

"I don't give a sh-- about convincing anyone of anything, but there are talks, and I believe for the first time people are serious," he said. "I am under an agreement not to say anything about anything, but it's not a lot of bullsh--....

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