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Manny Pacquiao Says Floyd Mayweather Fight...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 25 Nov 2014

Manny Pacquiao says Floyd Mayweather fight must be now or never and 'fans deserve it'

After beating America's Chris Algieri at a canter, the Philippines multi-weight world champion has called on 'Money' either to put up or shut up in 2015

By Gareth A Davies, Macau

Manny Pacquiao utterly overwhelmed American Chris Algieri in one of the most one-sided world titles in modern history to retain his World Boxing Organisation welterweight title and then called in the strongest terms he has ever used for a showdown with Floyd Mayweather jnr in 2015.

"I really want the fight. The fans deserve it. It's time to step up and say 'yes'," said Pacquiao, clearly referring to Mayweather, the unbeaten fighter who calls himself 'The Best Ever', yet is refusing to face a rival who more than equals his credentials.

If Mayweather refuses to sign and fight Pacquiao, history will see him as the man who claimed to be king, yet never quite proved it. Thus far, a broken relationship with Bob Arum, who once promoted him, but who has overseen Pacquiao's masterly rise, a combination of his own arrogance and rival television companies in conflict, has halted one of the great fights from proceeding. However, Arum has been in talks at board level with CBS, and believes that there is Carpe Momentum with this blockbuster....

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BoxingFan's Photo BoxingFan 26 Nov 2014


One fighter mentions the other.  Seems legit this time.