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Nathan Cleverly Ponders Return To Light-he...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 25 Nov 2014

Nathan Cleverly ponders return to light-heavyweight after defeat

Welsh boxer Nathan Cleverly says he may step back down a division to light-heavyweight following Saturday's defeat by Tony Bellew at cruiserweight.

The 27-year-old lost a split decision 114-115 116-112 115-113 in Liverpool.

Cleverly beat Bellew on points in their previous encounter at light-heavyweight to retain his WBO world title in 2011.
"It's hard at this weight. Bellew's a heavyweight as an amateur coming down so he's naturally the bigger guy," Cleverly told BBC Radio Wales Sport.

"I'm trying to pump into the cruiserweight division, but it comes at a cost.

"The cost is I'm giving away a lot of my assets, which is my stamina. The speed is OK but it does tend to slow you down generally."....

READ THE FULL ARTICLE ON THE BBC AT: http://www.bbc.com/s.../wales/30186582

BoxingFan's Photo BoxingFan 26 Nov 2014

Eddie will want to keep him at cruiser, so he can have a third fight and sell it for £25 on PPV.