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Cleverly V Bellew Ii: Johnny Nelson Looks...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 26 Nov 2014

Cleverly v Bellew II: Johnny Nelson looks back at the leading lights' displays

Bellew deserves more credit, DeGale the star of the show

By Johnny Nelson

There were eight top British fighters on the bill on Saturday night, so Johnny Nelson took a step back and gave his take on their display, what he liked and where he thinks they should go next...
Tony Bellew

Tony Bellew might, like a lot of fighters, get stick for Saturday night but you can only work with what is put in front of you. Yes he did say he would do this or that, but if there is someone in front of you who isn't participating in the dance, what can you do? It meant that Bellew wasn't conclusively explosive as promised but that was because of what was in front of him. Tony will not get the credit he thought he would get - and feels he should get - for winning it, which is a shame. He did what he had to to do and he did that. I know Tony mentioned a third at the Millennium Stadium but I don't think so. He did his bit and he pushed Cleverly back quite easily which suggested he was always going to benefit moving up to cruisrweight.

Plus point: He showed variety which I wasn't sure he had. The jab in particular stood out early on and although I do think he didn't give himself enough room to let the shots go, he didn't get as wound-up as he could've been by Cleverly's tactics. He kept to his cool...

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