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A Boy Named Steve Collins Jr

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 26 Nov 2014

A boy named Steve Collins Jr

By Paul Gibson

He once related to the character in the Johnny Cash song but Steve Collins Jr is now revelling in his life as a young boxer.

Ireland was a great place to be back in the mid-1990s. World Cup qualification and Eurovision hegemony appeared a given, while the roar of a green, white and gold Celtic Tiger was ushering in an unparalleled, though ultimately arenaceous, period of economic growth and prosperity. Amid the revelry, a Celtic Warrior rode the crest of the emerald wave across the Irish Sea to gatecrash and then dominate the golden age of super middleweight boxing in the British Isles. All in all, it was a fine time to be an Irishman and, presumably, even better if you were an Irishman named Steve Collins. Right?

“I used to think that my life was like that Johnny Cash song, A Boy Named Sue, that’s how I used to look at things. I had to fight a lot of people growing up, boys wanting to tell everyone that they beat up Steve Collins’ son.”

Steve Collins’ son is, of course, Steve Collins Jr and growing up in Dublin, his was the biggest scalp for local hard lads looking to stamp their authority on the playground. With the “my da could beat up your da” claim highly unlikely to hold much water in this instance, young Steve was, in the late, great Mr Cash’s words, forced to grow up quick, with mean fists and a keen wit...

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