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Tim Lane And The Rubber Chicken Circuit

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 29 Nov 2014

Tim Lane and the rubber chicken circuit

By Percy D. Della, inquirerdotnet

SACRAMENTO, California—Don’t laugh because Tim Lane might carve a niche for himself yet. In a culture that thrives on novelty, boxer Chris Algieri’s trainer could end up a star on the American rubber chicken circuit.

I can’t wait for the late-night talk show hosts to feast on the bizarre advice Lane was feeding Algieri while the boxer was losing big time to Filipino ring icon Manny Pacquiao last Saturday.

Lane kept muttering “We are exactly where we need to be,” although everyone at the Cotai Arena of The Venetian Macao and the legions watching via pay-per-view knew his ward had no chance of winning.

All it takes is a funny plug from Pacquiao’s talk-show buddy Jimmy Kimmel for Lane to snatch top billing as the main monotony breaker during award dinners and conventions. Tim could speak with authority on a topic he knows best: How to squeeze blood out of a turnip....

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