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It Was Such An Honour To Remember My Great...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 30 Nov 2014

It was such an honour to remember my greatest night' says Glenn McCrory

    • Nov 30, 2014 13:56

    • by GlennMcCrory

I was so touched that the Variety Club remembered the greatest night of my life in Gateshead last week

It was a massive privilege to be presented with a Silver Heart by the Royal Variety Club this week.

I’ve got used to attending events for people such as Mark Knopfler, Sting and Alan Shearer, as well as presenting buses and the like on behalf of the charity.

So to be centre stage was a bit weird and a bit stressful, but a great honour.

As well as presenting me with the charity’s most prestigious award, they also marked the 25th anniversary of my world title win over Patrick Lumumba.

I’ve never been at a dinner where everyone in a room containing five boxing and one football world champion, and leading figures from the Variety Club, business and Sky Sports stood on their chairs singing “That’s Amore” – certainly not before their sweet!...

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