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Actor Mickey Rourke's Exhibition Bout...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 01 Dec 2014

Actor Mickey Rourke's exhibition bout was staged, Daily Mail Online reports

By Kevin Iole - Yahoo Sports
Actor Mickey Rourke's return to boxing last week was successful, if the only standard by which success is judged is by having one's hand raised. The 62-year-old actor, most famous for his Academy Award-nominated role in "The Wrestler," came out "victorious" in the exhibition match with Eliott Seymour Friday in Moscow, winning by second-round stoppage. It was a joke of a fight and an affront to the sport. The men moved in slow motion and showed no skill whatsoever.

Rourke has an excuse, given his age and that it was 20 years since he last had a bout. He fought to a 1994 draw against Sean Gibbons, now a popular manager and matchmaker in boxing. The 29-year-old Seymour showed little talent and less effort and was counted out after twice being knocked down by body shots.

Promoter Arthur Pellulo should be ashamed for being a part of that farce.

But the London Daily Mail, in an exclusive report, says the fight was fixed. The Mail's accuracy on its exclusives is somewhere less than the weekend weather guy's in Dubuque, but that hasn't stopped it in the past from salacious headlines. The Mail "reported" last year that former heavyweight champion Lennox Lewis would end a 10-year retirement for $100 million to fight Vitali Klitschko. Of course, both sides denied it and it never occurred....

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