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Floyd Mayweather Jr.: It's Too Soon To...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 01 Dec 2014

Floyd Mayweather Jr.: It's too soon to talk about selling Shots photo app

By Ryan Parker

With rumors of Shots sale in the air, investor Floyd Mayweather Jr. says the time is not right to sell
Floyd Mayweather Jr., investor in the photo sharing app Shots, says he doesn't think time is right to sell

Reports have swirled recently that Twitter is looking to acquire Shots, a year-old photo-sharing app that has investors including Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Justin Bieber.

Mayweather, currently undefeated as a professional boxer, said Friday he was unaware of any such rumors and would pump the brakes on talks about selling the app, which has grown to have more than 3 million users.

"It’s not a good idea for them to sell right now," Mayweather said in a statement to The Times. "Everything great comes with time. Shots is only a year old and the app keeps getting better, bigger and becoming more relevant."...

READ FULL ARTICLE ON LA TIMES AT: http://www.latimes.c...1128-story.html

Danko's Photo Danko 01 Dec 2014

Why is this in boxingchat?

Raghavan1's Photo Raghavan1 02 Dec 2014

Wow great investment by Floyd. If you guys have any ideas for smart apps I have a company to make it happen.