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Phillip Hughes: Sean Abbott Has 'long...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 03 Dec 2014

Phillip Hughes: Sean Abbott has 'long process' to face - Brian Rose
By James Peacock BBC Sport  
The outpouring of emotion around the sporting world in the wake of Phillip Hughes's death continued with the Australian cricketer's funeral on Wednesday. Throughout the past week, the message from all those connected with the sport has been clear: this was a tragic accident, a freak incident. No-one is to blame. The support for Sean Abbott, the bowler who delivered the fatal ball, has been much in evidence, from former and current cricketers to wider public campaigns on social media.

One poignant intervention came from South African bowler Mbulelo Budaza  , who is back playing first-class cricket 13 months after one of his deliveries caused the death of compatriot Darryn Randall.

The trauma of inflicting serious or fatal damage on a sporting opponent can last for years. The healing process takes time, as the boxer Brian Rose knows only too well.

His biggest fight was overcoming the demons that haunted him after a brutal bout in 2009, which left his opponent Jason Rushton in a coma and caused lasting damage to his health.

"I know exactly what Sean Abbott is going through," says Rose. "It is a devastating thing to know that you have thrown the punch or bowled the ball that has left someone seriously injured or killed. It's the worst feeling in the world...

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