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Jamie Moore On Chris Eubank, Billy Joe Sau...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 03 Dec 2014

Jamie Moore on Chris Eubank, Billy Joe Saunders, Tyson Fury and Prizefighter...

Junior should get rid of Senior, says debut Prizefighter trainer

By Jamie Moore |  Last Updated: 03/12/14 12:55pm

We're already looking ahead so Jamie Moore wants Chris Eubank Jnr to be his own man, says Wladimir Kitschko should take Tyson Fury now and of course, it's Prizefighter time... from a trainer's perspective!

Jamie says: I've got to say first of all that Chris Eubank Jnr is going to be a fantastic fighter... as long as he sorts out what went on in the corner. Not his trainer, Ronnie Davis, but the cornerwork and what was going on - it was a shambles. It was the Chris Eubank Snr show, which was bang out-of-order in my book and he should allow his son to be himself and his own man, not Chris Eubank Snr Mk II. The advice in the corner was terrible and even when he was clearly losing after the first six rounds, there was no structure. Ronnie Davies did try and give him advice - and good advice - but he was told to shut up, it appeared. You could not have made it up, or written a script that was as bad as that! But there is no doubt Eubank Jnr pushed Billy Joe Saunders hard in the second half of the fight off his own back, and it shows how good he can be in the future. But to do that, he's got to have a quiet word with his dad and map his own plan out.
What about the winner? Was that the best you've seen from Billy Joe Saunders?

Jamie says: I think it was - and it had to be. We all hear about what goes on in sparring and Eubank Jnr was taking on super-middleweights and giving them a run for their money as well...

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