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Paul Gallen The Tko Winner But Boxing The...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 04 Dec 2014

Paul Gallen the TKO winner against Anthony Watts but boxing the biggest loser

By Adrian Proszenko - December 4, 2014

NSW rugby league captain Paul Gallen takes his professional boxing record to 2-0 after a quick bout against former teamate Anthony Watts.
Anthony Watts was granted every Queenslander's dream, the chance to punch Paul Gallen in the head, repeatedly.
Unfortunately, his shoulder popped out before he had the chance. The only thing that copped a black eye in this bout was the sport of boxing.

The 'entertainment' lasted half of the first round. The way Watts was swinging them, it's unsurprising he almost threw his arm out of its socket. If this was the fight which brought you to the main event, you were sorely short changed. Gallen remains undefeated but sheepishly let the referee hoist his arm in the air. At least he could.

Asked about a rematch, Gallen said: "I think I'll move on."....

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