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Troubled Tommy Morrison’s Dawn Tells All

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 04 Dec 2014

Troubled Tommy’s Dawn tells all

by Ron Jackson 04 December 2014, 09:57

Tommy Morrison was a heavyweight champion but, by all accounts, not a champion husband.

He was married several times before he died of aids at the age of 44. But one of his wives, Dawn Morrison Brady, actually stayed with him for 13 years.

Throughout those years she kept a diary. She had loved him deeply, she said years later, and she had a mixture of good and bad memories of him.

Family members, friends and journalists who knew about the diary kept telling her to write a book about her late husband’s life but somehow she never got around to do so.

Eventually she sat down with Charles H Hood, an author, and, going through the diary, told him about her life with the former boxer. The result was a book, The Tommy “The Duke” Morrison Story.

Morrison, who was born in Gravette, Arkansas, on January 2 1969, was later known as The Duke, a nickname based on his claim that he was related to the actor John Wayne.

Home was not a happy place for young Tommy. His father drank too much and beat up the boy and his mother. And his mother was, at some stage, charged with murder. She was acquitted, though.

Tommy was still a youngster when his father introduced him to boxing and he soon became an accomplished fighter. It was said he produced fake identification documents to enter “Toughman” competitions, reserved for men of 21 and older, when he was still a teenager....

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