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Glenn Mccrory Not Quite Sure Which Directi...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 07 Dec 2014

Glenn McCrory not quite sure which direction Jon-Lewis Dickinson's career is heading now

    • Dec 07, 2014 16:00

    • Opinion
    • by GlennMcCrory

Three north east boxers were beaten at Gateshead show and they now need to look at how to move on to their next challenge

Last weekend was a bit of a disaster for local boxing.

Jon-Lewis Dickinson, Craig Dixon and Lewis Scott all appeared on Dennis Hobson’s Gateshead bill, and all lost.
The highs and lows are what makes sport so good.

That’s the danger when promoters try to put on exciting, 50-50 fights.

All three have got to try and work out what went wrong.

Jon-Lewis was knocked down four times by Courtney Fry, who won on points after 10 rounds.

It comes on the back of losing his British title to Ovill McKenzie in the summer. I’m not quite sure where he goes from here....