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'i Don't Think We Will Have Anothe...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 17 Dec 2014

'I don't think we will have another Carl Froch'

Nick ParkinsonDecember 17, 2014

Carl Froch's trainer Rob McCracken tells Inside Boxing why the WBA-IBF world super-middleweight champion - and so many of his contemporaries - can now compete at the top well into their 30s, and why he thinks he will never train another fighter like Froch...

Carl has gone on for so long because he's so dedicated and has always taken boxing seriously. I've never had a problem with him in terms of going to night clubs or drinking and stuff like that which goes with it. He's always had a settled home life even before he was fighting for titles - he has always put boxing first, and that has paid dividends. He has dedicated himself to his sport for 14 years and his great work ethic has meant he has gone on past 35.

I remember training in Las Vegas in the nineties and seeing Floyd Mayweather Jr come in and train for two hours non-stop. It's the same as with Carl and they have both been able to go on into their thirties. Carl is 37, the same age as Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao is 36 and there are others like Wladimir Klitschko (38), Juan Manuel Marquez (41), Miguel Cotto (34), Sergio Martinez (39) and, of course, Bernard Hopkins who is knocking on 50. Some of the biggest stars in boxing are over 35.

I don't think it's because the younger generation are...
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