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Floyd Mayweather Tells Justin Bieber:...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 28 Dec 2014

Floyd Mayweather tells Justin Bieber: "Welcome to the jet club" - admits he's motivated by money

  • By Katy Forrester

The boxer has congratulated the pop star on his recent purchase and shown off his own 14 passenger jet

If we didn't hate smug Justin Bieber for showing off his new private jet over Christmas enough - now his mates have joined in to annoy us.

The pop star's pal Floyd Mayweather decided to post a snap of him next to his own plane on Instagram and officially welcome Justin to 'The Jet Club' - which is a group we don't think we'll be able to join any time soon.

Boxer Floyd shamelessly wrote underneath the picture: "@JustinBieber Welcome to the Jet Club! Yes, I got a 14 passenger jet.

"Got to give them another reason to hate, but I will motivate the people that are ambitious and want to be winners in life. I am guilty!