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Kell Brook: I Cheated Death After Machete...

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 17 Jan 2015

Kell Brook: I cheated death after machete attack, now my destiny is to beat Amir Khan

Interview: World champion who was nearly killed in Tenerife in September says he is ready to return to action

By Gareth A Davies, Boxing Correspondent

Every morning Kell Brook runs his finger down the curved scars on his thigh and reminds himself that he “stared death in the face” after the world champion found himself the victim of a late‑night machete attack on holiday in Tenerife last September.

The muscle in Brook’s thigh was spliced open, and he almost bled to death, requiring blood transfusions and life-saving surgery. Tomorrow, his promoter Eddie Hearn will announce his next assignment in the ring, in March this year.

“I stared death in the face and every time I run my finger down the scar I know I cheated death - I know how lucky I am and I treasure it now. It has changed me,” Brook, the IBF world welterweight champion who has not been beaten in his 32-fight career, told The Sunday Telegraph. “I now have a minder when I go out. I feel very lucky.

“When I sit back and think about what happened, I could’ve easily lost my life. I needed a blood transfusion because I lost that much blood....


Manchester Hitman's Photo Manchester Hitman 17 Jan 2015

No arrests have been made yet?how difficult could it possibly be to track the fellow down...unless of course Kell doesn't want his attacker found for some reason..