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Ogogo Comeback Delayed By Second Operation

Glax0r's Photo Glax0r 04 Feb 2015

Ogogo comeback delayed by second operation

February 4, 2015

Anthony Ogogo has suffered a setback in his recovery from Achilles surgery that will keep him out for a few more months.

The London 2012 bronze medalist, 26, was hoping to be back in the ring this month to continue the unbeaten start to his professional career, but needs another operation to clear infected tissue.

"I'm now left with two new Achilles and I've got to build them," Ogogo, who hopes to be back in training by May, told BBC Sport.

"Eventually they will get up to the capacity where I can fight, train and become world champion."

Ogogo, managed by Oscar De La Hoya, has won all of his seven fights since turning pro after the Olympics.
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